Our Commitment to Sustainability – Crio Bru

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our Commitment to Organic and Non-GMO

Our organic products are made with ingredients that are farmed without the use of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and genetic engineering (GMOs). By drinking organic, you limit your exposure to these chemicals. But that is just the beginning. Organic farming practices work in harmony with nature to build the proper balance of natural ecosystems to preserve biodiversity, wildlife, and critical water resources.

Our Commitment to Fair Trade & Direct Trade

Crio Bru® Brewed Cacao is committed to supporting the people and plantations that grow our product. That’s why we cultivate personal relationships with our farmers to ensure our cacao beans come from direct sources whenever possible.

We work with officially Fair Trade Certified farmers as often as possible. As some of the most prized Cacao beans come from remote regions where Fair Trade Certifications are not viable, we verify the process on our own whenever possible. This is called Direct Trade. Throughout the supply chain, we ensure that cacao beans are acquired at a fair price, cultivated sustainably, and grown under safe and fair work conditions.